PHOTOGRAPHY............ my life, my love


i love the beach, everything about it!
the freedom, the smell & the way it makes me feel
driftwood, feathers and wine at sunset with those i love....

seeing beauty
whether its a beautiful face, an artist, a relationship, a look, an emotion, a sunset or incredible lighting
i see beauty in washed up objects on the beach or old pieces of furniture that are in need of refurbishing

i feel beautiful when i'm inspired,
being authentic & following my heart

the first thing i notice about somebody is their eyes,
they say eyes are the windows to the soul
i love to capture that magic

photography is EVERYTHING.
moments, emotions or memories
you never know when a photo may be ALL

always searching for natural resources to use i fell in love with nature
i see shoot ideas everywhere, i love walls!
incorporating the old, recycled or quirky will always inspire me

PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY PASSION...... what lights you up?