Urban romance.....

What does it mean to call something romantic?
Does it mean flowers, chocolates or candlelit dinners with your honey
do you need a special occasion
a reason
or should it have to cost money?

Is romance for showing the person you love that your thinking about them or is it just for you, to feel womanly or pretty

what is romance to a woman?

being a woman is incredible
we are everything all at once
women love romance & its mysterious nature
the way it stirs our soul and makes us feel

to channel a goddess of years before her to aid in her expressing a part of herself that she never knew existed, to be her despite everything else she was committed too

Don’t wait for the tomorrows, the reasons, the partner, the money or the special occasion to celebrate romance. go after it EVERY SINGLE DAY
fall in love with yourself
be free
wear your favourite clothes and dance alone

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being un-apologetically herself:
comfortable in her perfect imperfection