Can you believe its another fresh new year...... 2018 WOW!!!!
HNY to all,
I hope you've spent it with those you love, partied, ate and drank way to much, spent all your cash and are exercising like a maniac as your pants are too tight!
well that's my reality anyway

I just wanted to start the year with a message of LOVE
Love for yourself & what is that you do
This year I hope to focus on my passion.... Photography
my wild one is starting Kindy and my beauty is studying year 12.
All important things going on for us here
In our busy chaos though we always need to make space for the things we love, the things that drive us, light our soul and make this crazy world make sense
I love that a new year gives us all time to reflect on where we are & where we want to be
Inspired... yes I am

Whats your plans this year? Are you excited??
Hope to cross your path and make some magic together xx


ps. I am TOTALLY addicted to overalls!

Leah- HNY2 post.jpg