my new everything

so here it is...... a new website, a fresh start, a creative space or just a new way to look at things. whatever the case, THIS IS IT!

another part of my crazy wild life ride has hit and I have grown AGAIN and photography is still part of who and why I am. Living in beautiful Mackay & having the Whitsundays as my backyard makes it hard not to want to pick my camera up and capture it all. i am alive when i make it a part of my every day

to kick start my new everything i thought it a good idea to start this website with a blog on the reason i picked up a camera in the first place and loved the feel..... my daughter, my muse
she is that incredible, i love to shoot her face and the many emotions i know so well from our many years together. without her i wouldn't be blabbing on here now about my passion and the reason (beside my babies) that I feel a connection with things and see a magic still in this world that makes me smile.
thank you beautiful girl for making me love you so much that i also found myself and what I wanted to give the world..............