I love formals!
the excitement and months of preparations
it’s so glamorous, sexy & like something out of a Fast & the furious movie
so much fun to see what hot car, truck ,tractor, motor bike or other mode of transport these superstars will turn up in

I had the recent pleasure of meeting Emily & her boyfriend Luke,
their families & fabulous friends for some formal photos at the gorgeous Shoal Point beach
What a location…. wow, the light!!!!!!

Thanks to all for a great shoot x

Urban romance.....

What does it mean to call something romantic?
Does it mean flowers, chocolates or candlelit dinners with your honey
do you need a special occasion
a reason
or should it have to cost money?

Is romance for showing the person you love that your thinking about them or is it just for you, to feel womanly or pretty

what is romance to a woman?

being a woman is incredible
we are everything all at once
women love romance & its mysterious nature
the way it stirs our soul and makes us feel

to channel a goddess of years before her to aid in her expressing a part of herself that she never knew existed, to be her despite everything else she was committed too

Don’t wait for the tomorrows, the reasons, the partner, the money or the special occasion to celebrate romance. go after it EVERY SINGLE DAY
fall in love with yourself
be free
wear your favourite clothes and dance alone

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being un-apologetically herself:
comfortable in her perfect imperfection


When two become one.....

These guys are AWESOME!

Met Jo & Geoff over a year ago when I shot their gorgeous beach Wedding at
Dolphin Heads Resort in Mackay, lovely ceremony joining not only man & wife but both have their own children who that day became family

I was thrilled to hear from them recently for a family shoot with both their sets of parents,
how beautiful to see the connections that LOVE creates by joining these two families as one


Thanks for the many laughs and conversations we've had creating beautiful memories for
you all to cherish.... 




Vama Music

Shooting in the glorious sunshine last weekend covering an energetic gig for Vama Music at the yearly
G & S Food & Wine Festival here in Mackay....

So pumped to photograph the fabulous Vama Music Collaboration with Muso friends
Levi Cameron, Kaz Donnelly and Fleur Warner who played an awesome mix of covers & original songs
throughout the afternoon with special guests Grace and Viviana joining for a few songs.......
such talented local artists!!!

The fabulous Pelican Zen & the Vama Music Choir hit the stage for the last song which was a cover by
The Proclaimers called '500 Miles'... was so incredible!
I have heard that song covered many times but this was really vibrant and great to see everyone having such a good time


Well done guys



a lookout with my loves.....

LOVE a nature mission with my little eco warriors... we are actually nature addicts & there are so many beautiful places to be explored around Mackay

Walked up the Cape Hillsborough lookout for sunset recently
just can't get enough of this beauty
such grounding, inspiration and energy from walking this incredibly electric earth
to feel
to love
to connect

besides the health & mind benefits of being in nature i also love to teach my children about mother earth
about being open, kind and loving
to explore, breathe & release

to let go
to learn
to find our wild  x


beautiful Selina.....

oh wow.... I LOVE THIS SHOOT!
what a beautiful mummy this goddess will be soon

this gorgeous earth mother is Selina,
a client for some years that has become a beautiful friend.
I am so grateful that i got to take some special memories of this gorgeous baby bump
Selina lights up when she talks of becoming a parent & it brought back many special memories of my own experiences
such an awesome time of life......

wishing you an incredible journey into motherhood & falling in love xx



Girl on fire........

Watching this beauty bloom into womanhood is amazing.... her fire, strength & passion for life has evolved from watching & learning from the strong wild women before her
I love to see her let go, dance, be free & embrace her beauty

a girl on fire is someone who is completely herself, therefore completely free

her freedom, her fire & her magic is everything & important not to lose
so the motto she chants as she dance's her way into womanhood.......

I  am mine before I am ever anybody else's


Mackay Caberet Festival...........

This week's delicious entertainment was incredible!!!!

Joel Bow Productions really out did himself by putting together a 3 day compilation of local & international artists creating Mackay's first caberet festival.
Held in The Residence at the Dispensary Mackay.... songs about life, love, loss & all things Broadway brought the house down in this intimate setting with a saucy mix of great food & delicious wine that's on offer at this incredible venue.


So lucky to have been the photographer for opening night of this beautiful event & I cant wait to see whats next for Joel Bow Productions




My week with Facebook..........

SO FACEBOOK CAME TO TOWN..... to Mackay, for a campaign called Boost your region NQ
Mackay being the first town to participate we were extremely excited to have them & their
funky vibe here

I was approached by a wickedly cool company called 'Our friends electric' to shoot some local images for the upcoming event that was to be run here over a week
(insert little happy dance here)
So i spent a really cool day cruising Mackay's local businesses with Lachlan shooting for the campaign,

following this a few weeks later was the Boost your region event here in Mackay which i had the pleasure of covering also.
What an incredible experience this was for me
I LOVED every minute of this week & met some really cool cats!

The town went crazy with free Facebook & Instagram business training, breakfast from the incredible crew at the Grazing Goat, dinner thanks to the crew at NE kitchen, workshops, INCREDIBLE local guest speakers, kids festivals, POPCORN  & school visits to spread the word about cyber bullying from the rad team at Project Rockit along with many local businesses hired to make it all happen.....

how cool is that?

Thanks Facebook for coming & shaking up our little town and for hiring me to be your Photographer & capture or town             


Crossroad Arts

so i had the recent privilege of shooting the Crossroad Arts 2018 program launch that was delightfully held at Artspace Mackay.

such an incredible turn out i was really wowed to see the Mackay locals getting behind these incredible young artists for a fabulous year they have planned.

absolutely LOVED the funky tunes from the talented Matt with delicious catering thanks to the crew at Care Kitchen who did an exceptional job!

if you haven't already check these guys out they have many exciting workshops & exhibitions coming up around Mackay.
Go to www.crossroadarts.com.au to download their 2018 timetable or call Alison or Autumn on 49535122 to know more on any of the performances or how you can volunteer your time or expertise as they need lots of lovely helpers!

Cant wait to see more guys, fabulous night thanks for having me
All the best for 2018


a holiday in Cambodia....

so this little shoot is THAT gorgeous!!!

this is my very good friend Brett who came over for a few beers in my yard one afternoon and i made him (reluctantly) pose for me
i love to shoot people just as they are.... to see their soul shine thru
especially men as they hate getting photos taken

anyway Brett rocked it.......
Mackay's next male model i reckon!

so this awesome guy is setting off for Cambodia today in search of the world
i really hope that the world finds him x


Can you believe its another fresh new year...... 2018 WOW!!!!
HNY to all,
I hope you've spent it with those you love, partied, ate and drank way to much, spent all your cash and are exercising like a maniac as your pants are too tight!
well that's my reality anyway

I just wanted to start the year with a message of LOVE
Love for yourself & what is that you do
This year I hope to focus on my passion.... Photography
my wild one is starting Kindy and my beauty is studying year 12.
All important things going on for us here
In our busy chaos though we always need to make space for the things we love, the things that drive us, light our soul and make this crazy world make sense
I love that a new year gives us all time to reflect on where we are & where we want to be
Inspired... yes I am

Whats your plans this year? Are you excited??
Hope to cross your path and make some magic together xx


ps. I am TOTALLY addicted to overalls!

Leah- HNY2 post.jpg

Finding beauty..........

my favourite thing is finding beauty in the everyday, the ordinary or the simple and to re-create, re-furb or just blend the old & the new..........

I shot the lovely Emma recently in a vacant house in my street, i'd been watching the grass get longer and the sun hitting it in afternoon light kept calling me over!
this is Em's first time in front of the camera and she totally ROCKED it

Local Mackay girl who I hope I have helped see herself for the incredible beautiful woman she is becoming. I always love to inspire and encourage women to believe in themselves and realize their own magic.

Stand in your power,
don't run from your fear
be yourself
love yourself for all the gifts you give to the world just by being you

be the girl who decided to go for it.....................

#woman #selflove #believeinyourself


Wintermoon 2017

So being the weekend of the Springfest festival (so jealous as I couldn't attend!!!!)
I thought that maybe i'd finally do something with the images I took at the Wintermoon Festival this year which is held at Camerons Pocket, just out of Mackay every year on the May long weekend.

It was a very special weekend for my family so you may see our faces a bit but the
festival was incredible as always and I cannot wait until next year to do it all again with my beautiful friends.
If you ever get the chance GO TO WINTERMOON, its such a beautiful place full of nothing
but incredible Art, music & love x

Red E Personal Training- Little Black Dress Project

So I teamed up recently with the gorgeous Selina & crew from Red E Personal Training here in Mackay.  Selina came to me with a great idea to host a 'LIttle Black Dress' project that would run over 8 weeks.
The girls would train for the end result of looking and feeling fabulous in their favourite Little black dress,
having their hair & makeup done for a group photo shoot.
Such a great idea to motivate & empower women to want to create the best version of themselves,
pick up their self esteem/self worth and help them to see how absolutely incredible they are!

GREAT job to Selina and to all the fabulous women who trained so hard and totally ROCKED their shoot x

my new everything

so here it is...... a new website, a fresh start, a creative space or just a new way to look at things. whatever the case, THIS IS IT!

another part of my crazy wild life ride has hit and I have grown AGAIN and photography is still part of who and why I am. Living in beautiful Mackay & having the Whitsundays as my backyard makes it hard not to want to pick my camera up and capture it all. i am alive when i make it a part of my every day

to kick start my new everything i thought it a good idea to start this website with a blog on the reason i picked up a camera in the first place and loved the feel..... my daughter, my muse
she is that incredible, i love to shoot her face and the many emotions i know so well from our many years together. without her i wouldn't be blabbing on here now about my passion and the reason (beside my babies) that I feel a connection with things and see a magic still in this world that makes me smile.
thank you beautiful girl for making me love you so much that i also found myself and what I wanted to give the world..............